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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 2, 2009 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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night. bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> i'm really, really worried. we have never seen this kind of radical leadership at such a high level of power in the country. bill: critics of president obama step up their attacks. but are they fair? brit hume andly analyze. >> we are not throwing them to the wolves of the insurance industry without an option for them to choose. what i would call not the public option but the consumer option. >> the "wall street journal" says nancy pelosi's obama care bill could be the worst piece of legislation ever. neil cavuto will weigh in. >> the lies told by united states presidents, the lies told by the united states media. bill: bizarre new tape of reverend wright surfaces. we will play you a bit of that. >> excuse me. land of the greed and home of the slaves. bill: caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone.
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the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thank you for watching us tonight. criticizing president obama, that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. there are basically two camps when it comes to not liking barack obama. the first group is made up of conservatives who basically the president -- see the president as a far left guy who has been on changing america forever. one commentators rush limbaugh. >> i'm really, really worried. we have never seen this kind of radical leadership at such a high level of power in the country. i believe that the economy is under siege, it's being destroyed. anybody with any economic literacy would not do one thing this administration has done to try to revitalize the private sector, they are destroying it. i have to think that it may be
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on purpose because this is just outrageous what is happening. bill: my question is why would president obama want to purportsly want to destroy the economy when that would damage him? he would never be reelected? however there, no question if millions of americans believe mr. obama harbors ill-will for traditional america that he wants to break down our system that is a passionately held belief on the right. other camp of critics more select in their enchancement. millions think obama-care is a disaster and hard to argue with that the latest proposal put forth by nancy pelosi and cavuto will get with this in a minute, runs 2,000 pages long. 2,000 pages it's impossible to figure out the consequences of mrs. pelosi vision. here is a hint. the congressional budget office now says only 2% of americans under 65 years old would even participate in government-run health care even though the program would cost more than a trillion dollars. now talking points opposes obama
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care. i gave it a fair shot. but it's far too chaotic so i have to oppose it. government should step back, we think, and try again next year. any politician voting for a 2,000 page militia mash of -- mish-mash of ill defined mandates. it is learn ily justified and not an ideological play, likewise on afghanistan. the way the president seems to be confused on how to wage that war. talking points is waiting patiently for president obama to take a position but taking a long time to make up his mind. legitimate criticism of the commander and chief is necessary in a vibrant democracy. ideological criticisms though really don't solve any problems. so talking points will continue to evaluate president obama on a case-by-case basis using facts instead of emotion to analyze his actions. by the way, die not think the president wants to purposely
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destroy the economy. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight reaction, joining from us washington fox news senior political analyst brit hume. do you think he wants to purposely destroy the economy. brit: if by that mean kiss man tell the entire economy obviously not. no president who did that just as you say could be reelected and unemployment through the moon and no wealth at all. if, on the other hand, what rush limbaugh was getting at by saying he wants to do away with the economy as we have recently nobody it, basically a lower tax system that we see and elsewhere around the world, more lightly regulated a more free willing capitalist economy that's a different matter entirely. bill: that's not what he said. >> if you listen to mr. limbaugh closely, he said look, no economist worth a damn would take any of these moves the bailouts, all of that stuff. that's not exactly true. i mean lawrence somers and these guys are brilliant guys. they may be wrong but certainly they are not idiots.
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and then he said, and this is a widely held belief. if you listen to talk radio, it's a widely held belief on the right that president obama's ultimate goal to turn the nation into a socialist country and he wants to dismantle the capitalist stick system. brit, that's all over the place. >> that is all over the place and certainly the consequences of policies that the president has adopt dollars -- adopted would lead us more in that direction, as i say more heavily taxed, more heavily regulated economy. economy gets more direction from washington than from politicians than has traditionally been the case that would certainly be some of the effect of obama care. so, if he moves -- if he moves the nation more in that direction, certainly that's true. whether he would -- wants to take us all the way to a pure socialist economy, i would certainly have doubts about that. bill: ok. you not an idealogue. you have strongly held beliefs but i have never heard you analyze a situation from a
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conservative or liberal viewpoint. you don't do that. do you object when that's done? well. no because i mean i think it's a appropriate thing to do. i mean, people believe in their ideologies in america, i think, for practical reasons because they think that, for example, freewheeling capitalism individual liberty is better for the country. better for the country. strong national defense, the things we associate with conservatism. liberals believe, on the other hand, that that leaves the door open to too much injustice and too much inequality and too much danger of involving us in conflicts around the world that we shouldn't be involved in and that we're better off going in another direction. those are honest, ideological differences and they don't spring necessarily from selfish motives. bill: here is my problem with it let's take the health care bill, ok? there are left oil wing people in this country who will support any kind of government health care bill that comes down. he? they don't care what it says.
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they are not going to read the 2,000 pages nancy pelosi is spitting out there. no one can possibly read it and figure it out. it's impossible. on the left, there are people who say if president obama and nancy pelosi want it, i'm for it. i don't believe that gets us anywhere. i think that's just lemming light behavior. am i wrong? >> people sense a direction. they sense a direction with which they generally sympathize and they sense in the politicians who are trying to take them there someone that they can trust, someone any think has the same values that they do and therefore they can trust the work product that these people are working toward. that is what people i think feel about nancy pelosi and barack obama. certain people believe they can lead -- bill: you have 2,000 pages. ok? you have seen this thing? >> it's a behemoth. bill: not only behemoth, it's income prehence cybil. they don't know what they're saying. they can't say it so anybody can understand it. so any american is going to go
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i'm not going to support something that's going to cost a trillion dollars, could put the country in bankruptcy if things don't go well economically if i don't understand it. would you buy a car you didn't know how to run no matter how long you are in there? no. >> of course not, bill. remember this about something that's been reduced to what's called bill language, legislative language. those measures are always income prehence cybil. laced with references to preexisting law and sections of the u.s. code. they are to a layman income prehence cybil. income prehence cybil to members of congress. brit: 2,000 pages, brit? 2,000 pages? >> i'm not saying that's a good thing. but i'm saying that embedded in those 2,000 pages of legislative language, largely income prehence cybil a set of concepts and people in this country who are mostly liberals who think those concepts take us in the right directions. conservatives disagree. bill: they don't know what direction it is. no liberal or conservative could figure out what the direction is
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all it is is basically the government saying trust us. we're going to run the health care industry 1/6th of the economy, trust us. i would say no, i'm not going to trust you. this is impossible. >> i would quibble with you on this point. i think they understand the direction. they don't understand -- they may not grasp all the specifics and they certainly don't know and nobody really can what the unintended consequences will be, which i think is what a lot of conservatives and opponents opponents of this are worried about. unintended consequences change on this scale undertaken all at once on this bill. long history of things like that not working out very well. there is certainly, bill a very long history of new entitlement programs introduced, voted into law with cost estimates that turned out to be only a fraction of what's it will end up costing. bill: real quick on the right. even if this was the best bill in the world and it did give a fair shake to poor americans and getting them into the healthcare system, there would be some
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conservatives who would oppose it because they don't like barack obama. whatever he does, they're not going to like it? >> there are certainly people who are going to oppose this based on blind allegiance to a politician or a blind dislike of that politician. we see that all the time. we see it in the hateful nature of males on both sides. none of us likes it and not attractive feature of our system. it's always been there and i don't think we will get rid of that. bill: we would like to you vote in our new bill o' poll. we are asking at this point in time, which republican do you think could beat barack obama? mike huckabee? mitt romney, sarah palin or newt gingrich. please select one. bill o'reilly cot come. obama care, nancy pelosi proposal worst piece of legislation ever. neil cavuto on that. bernie goldberg on who exactly is watching fox news besides you? upcoming.
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bill: impact segment tonight, the "wall street journal" saying today that nancy pelosi health care reform proposal may be the worst piece of legislation since f.d.r., franklin del more roosevelt. the speaker's proposal runs about 2,000 pages the congressional budget office says only 2% of americans under the age of 65 would use the so-called public option, government-run health care. despite the low number, the pelosi deal would cost more than a trillion dollars and with us now fox news business czar neil
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cavuto you see him at 4:00 p.m. here on fox news and 6:00 p.m. on the fox business channel. is it the worst piece of legislation ever? >> i don't know. i saw the article social security act and armistice packages and all of that i don't know. i wasn't around. i didn't look through them. this is pretty bad. bill: is it pretty bad? >> pretty bad. bill: "wall street journal" lead he editorial today they run down why they think it's the worst piece of legislation since f.d.r.'s new deal. did you know i attended harvard? >> you mentioned that. bill: you did know that. >> yeah. i have driven by harvard. bill: you have to be a little intelligent to get into harvard. >> that's what they say. bill: i don't know what this is i can't figure this out. i have tried. i have sat there and i have read and read and read. i don't know what the hell they are doing, cavuto. i don't know. so why would i vote for something that i can't figure out? why why support it? >> said even further back than that bill, -- get into this
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ensure everybody now and now you are saying 25 to '0 mill people won't be insured. why the hell did we go through this charade. then if you are saying that half of it is going to be paid for -- something the government has never done, all right, you can hope springs eternal and you can say that will do it. pay for the other half taxing the upper income folks and adding to the 39.6% top rate and make it 45%. then in one fell swoop a big chunk of the money producing part of this country is going to see their taxes go up by a third and you expect that revenue to keep coming in from this same group? i don't know. bill: ok. you, neil cavuto, not an idealogue. you are not an idealogue. >> no. bill: you are a ramp pant capitalist. you love the oil companies. you love all the exemployeders. >> here you go. no. i believe in unfettered capitalism but -- which, by the way, which was why i was against all these rescues last year
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under the republican leadership. bill: unfettered you don't want any oversight. >> no, i'm not saying no oversight. we have oversight it was poorly administrated. bill: you are unfettered capitalist guy. why would any bill run 2,000 pages? >> it doesn't need to be. bill: isn't it done to confuse everybody? >> yes, it is. i would run it the length of one of those i pod or iphone pamphlets. i would describe it all in that or at least that would be my goal. bill: give me bullet points at least and how you get from here to there and what are the precautions you take if you don't get there doing what you want to do now here? if you are assuming that you can get a half a trillion dollars in savings over 10 years, show me exactly how you're going to do that. bill: let's get down to the folks, and that's really my concern. many people are having trouble paying the insurance premium and insurance companies give a lot of people hard time. those are facts. so i want some kind of reform in
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the health care industry. do you? >> absolutely. bill: ok. so we agree on that. but this radically changes how our health care is delivered because the government takes it over. as you pointed out, it taxes the high earners and the wealthy to a 45%, which is a punishing taxation. that's punitive. and people will flee. they goal to muni bonds. they dual everything they cannot to pay that. so you are going to have the chaos at that level. but i'm also worried about bankrupting the nation like california is bankrupt. >> you're right. bill: coming down. >> my biggest worry here is and i have been denied coverage in the past for physical problems and you just have to shop around, look around and rob peter to pay paul to do it. i understand that problem that's associated with the insurance companies, bill. my bigger argument is what you are doing going to improve it or make it better? there seems to be a view in washington the bigger is better. the biggest is better. trillion dollars.
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bill: it's pelosi and reid and obama. >> it's got to be a billion dollars. bill: they don't care what it costs. >> the areas that need addressing. affordability of coverage, guaranteed insurance for those that had their insurance taken away, these are addressable, doable, fixable issues. but then we have to start throwing in all this other stuff that makes it prohibitive. bill: is obama a socialist? does he want a socialistic economy here? does he want to wipe out the excesses capitalism? >> i don't know what he is. i do know this and i think throwing labels around, you know, socialist or communist or any of this, i don't go there. what i do see is this is not capitalism. this is not free-market oriented. this is not something that makes a bad situation for a lot of folks better. when the end result is we're going to spend a trillion dollars and still have so many uninsured. you said that was your goal. and you are going to pay for it
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by hiking taxes on the rich and the rest with savings and we have never seen demonstrable results from doing either in the past, new york should provide the best example of all. we hike taxes on a lot of folks and they got less revenue. where does this lead? bill: all right. so you think it's a bad bill? cavuto is against it. >> yes. it's an awful bill. bill: pelosi won't talk to you. she hates you, doesn't she. >> no. and it bothers me as an italian. bill: there will be upset in new jersey? some polls say republican challenger i didn't say christie may defeat jon corzine for governor despite president obama's campaigning. later, reverend wright is back again. there he is. you have got hear this tape coming up.
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bill: in america's election headquarters tonight tomorrow is election day and two big gubernatorial races in virginia the republican robert mcdonnell is running ahead of the democrat c.e.o. creigh deeds in just about every poll. in new jersey it looks to be close between jon corzine and chris: industry. joining us from new jersey polster scott was miewch hit the obama election right on the nose when all the other pinheads were wrong.
8:23 pm
let's go to new jersey your home state. most of them have had at a dead heat what do you say. >> right now we show chris christie the republican leading 46% to 43% over jon corzine. chris daggettt the third party candidate getting 8%, very, very close race. the big wild card here is that third party candidate. 1/3 of daggettt's supporters say they could change their minds still before voting and which way they go could determine the winner. bill: they will go for christie. if 1/3 of daggettt's supporters are with daggettt they are north going to go to corzine, come on. >> a few people say i could never vote for corzine. you are right. most would go christie's way. bill: so, doing the math and i'm not going to put words in your mouth it, looks to me if you take the old adage that the challenger this close has always got an advantage over the incumbent it looks to me like christie might win this. >> if i had to bet, i would bet on christie but i sure wouldn't
8:24 pm
bet a whole lot because in addition to the fact that those things favor christie this is a democratic leaning state they have a great get out the vote effort and it wouldn't surprise me to see corzine do a little bit better. but the big story here, four years ago, jon corzine got 53% of the vote. that's how he won the governorship. is he 10 points below that he is 15 points below where barack obama was in new jersey last november. bill: obama put a lot of his credibility on the line for corzine so if christie wins, that's a slap the obama, no? it? >> will certainly be that way. tomorrow's elections will be overinterpreted but they do give us signs about 2010. >> now, virginia the republican looks like a lock, right? >> yeah. our latest polling shows mcdonnell up by 13 points. 54% to 41%. the thing that i'm going to be watching for in this race rather than the winner is the turnout in african-americans. in election 2008 barack obama
8:25 pm
inspired a lot of african-americans to come to the polls, much more so than usual. we expect there to be a fall off in this year's elections and in 2010. tomorrow in virginia will be one of the first clues about how big a decline in african-american voting there will be. bill: upstate new york there probably will be a republican congressman over conservative congressman accepted into the republican party. bill: that race not even close now, right? >> we haven't polled there but what i can see in other polls makes it look like hoffman is going to win fairly comfortably. bill: your daily tracking poll today has president obama's approval rating at 46% that's different than the fongs fox news poll have it at 50 and most polls have it at 50%. why the discrepancy. >> our voting is done among likely voters rather than all
8:26 pm
adults. the reason those results are different because some younger adults in other groups that favor the president don't show up and vote as much. bill: likely voters have obama as job favorability at 46%. that he was down from, what, 65% 65%? >> when he first took office, yes. bill: you see this as a big deal or ebb and flow. >> not big deal. internet era faster. president's honeymoon ended more quickly because of the way the news cycle goes. by february republicans had turned against the president because of the stimulus package. over the summer the health care debate really sorrowed a lot of unaffiliated voters on president obama. right now he has strong, strong support from democrats. don't expect that to change any time soon. but this president is beginning to take ownership of the economy. bill: all right. scott rasmussen, everybody. thank you, scott. plenty more ahead as the factor
8:27 pm
moves along this evening. mormon mothers pose provocatively for a calendar. we will tell you why they did it bernie goldberg always provocative will analyze exactly who is watching fox news. i guess you guys are. but bernie has some thoughts about it we hope you stay tuned for those reports. woman: one little smile, one little laugh. - honey bunny. - ( coos ) we would do anything for her. my name is kim bryant and my husband and i made a will on legalzoom. man: it was really easy to do. - ( blows raspberries ) - ( laughing ) robert shapiro: we created legalzoom to help you take care of the ones you love. go to today and complete your will in minutes. at we put the law on your side.
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bill: personal story segment tonight with politics dominating this evening, let's bring in our monday political duo mary katharine ham and juan williams
8:30 pm
in washington. all right, juan, i'm going to tie in brit hume and scott rasmussen and the ideological play, cavuto, into one big ball. you have got a president who is having trouble in afghanistan and with health care. the health care thing now i have turned against it i gave him, as you guys know, a fair shot, but this is a mess and i don't want any part of it. i don't think it's good for the country. so, rasmussen comes in and says the president's numbers are down 46% approval. >> is this a catastrophe, juan? how do you process it? >> well, it's not a catastrophe. 46%. basically most polls have him about 50%. he won with 52% of the vote a year ago, bill. but everybody had such high expectations. and what, right now you see, is that really independents are starting to buy off him. so independents are down about on average in polls about 13 points. those people are now, when
8:31 pm
they're looking at the wars and this promise to find some quick resolution, and he sees the uncertainty with regard to afghanistan. they don't feel comfortable. they are not reassured that he knows what he is doing. this comes back to the experience charge. when it comes to the economy, especially the jobs issue. again, they are just not sure and, you know, just losing confidence, what's energized, what's different and i think this is why tomorrow night, watch that 23rd district in new york, what's energized is the conservative base. bill: if the republican loses that but, look, mary katharine, how much damage and there is the race in upstate, new york which i will call the race right now. hoffman wins. all right? i want everybody to watch the factor tomorrow because they are know i'm right but i'm calling the race. >> all right. bill: mary katharine, how much damage is being inflicted by rush limbaugh, other radio commentators, some of the guys here at fox, hannity and beck. how much damage is being done by
8:32 pm
these people, sincerely and they are all very sincere, thinking obama is the worst thing since herbert hoover? >> well, i think there is certainly damage being done. they all have large audiences. they are free to criticize bomber as they wish. i think what weigh see is not only that message not that he is doing anything on purpose obama being ineffective leader and acting recklessly in some cases to spend all this money on unprecedented levels while we are in a recession is speaking to independence. they are shifting to the right. and so that's the problem that he is really having. bill: why would independents listen to conservative? >> they are not necessarily listening to rush limbaugh. they are seeing what is happening and nervous about it they are being careful with their own pocketbooks and looking at the national scene and you paid 24,000 per crappy car cash for clurengers. that is a lot of taxpayer money.
8:33 pm
they are seeing it pile up. bill: you are not going to get that from the main streeted -- mainstream media the networks news or the "new york times" that things aren't going well. you are not going to hear it where you hear it is on talk radio. on fox news and some pre60's here. how much damage is that doing to barack obama's agenda? >> i don't know that it's doing a whole lot. i think in terms of the popular support that we're taking about, you see some decline because people just pick up what's in the air, what's listening. when he points and attacks fox news. fox news numbers go great. more people, more of those independents are saying what's going on over there? what do they have to say that's so threatening? terms of the health care stuff, does it really impact it? no, not right now. if you get tomorrow night, if you get in 2010 which is really where the big ballgame is if you get a big shift of republicans wishing more seats that would impact president obama's ability to deliver any legislative
8:34 pm
agenda. bill: i will have you have the last word, mary. let's say tomorrow night virginia governor is republican. new jersey, shockingly because that is a very liberal state. >> that would be an upsith set. bill: say christie wins and upstate new york case for hoffman, it's a sweep because there is only three big races. >> right. bill: then obama is a loser, right? the next day. they will pin it right around his neck, will they not? >> yeah. people will do that especially his critics. a lot of the obama voters, people who energized they thought he was the ideal guide. bill: they didn't come out. >> they don't come out tomorrow night, then it's going to be a big night for the republicans. watch the republicans and, remember, a lot of voters are fair weather friends. they will say hey, that's the way the tides are flowing. bill: mary katharine do you see if those three races go to the g.o.p., is it big? is it big? or is it just another bump in the road? >> well, three is certainly big. i think especially with barack obama's folks up in new jersey working for corzine, have you
8:35 pm
had deeds who they say wasn't embracing obama i have gotten mailers and commercials with his face all over it people don't have to listen to rush limbaugh to see the truth in their own lives they are not getting new jobs we spent a billion dollars on this and this didn't work. 2,000 pages of health care bill these folks are making it up on the hill and look at the republican congress which they don't think fair the well and democratic congress saying they're being thinkly investigated these people can't this. bill: enough party -- blame to go around. when we come back there is bernie. he has a couple of new media surveys, including who is watching fox news besides you? and then the reverend wright, whoa. he surfaces just in time for halloween. we will play you his latest hit moments away.
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bill: i'm bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie segment. 37% of americans believe media has given fair coverage to president obama so far. 3% think it has not been critical enough. and 26% think the coverage of the president has been too critical. country is split on whether cable news hosts anchors should
8:39 pm
have strong political opinions. 42% think it's a good thing. the same number think it's a bad thing. 47% of americans think fox news is mostly conservative. 14% think we are mostly liberal. those people are in crack houses. and 24% think we are fair and balanced. and new comp place of comp politician 5 1% republicans. 37% republican. msnbc viewers 54% democrat, 27% republican. but there are only 6 viewers. so that is skewed a little bit. joining from us miami, fox news analyst bernie goldberg. do you know cnn got its worse numbers ever on friday? it's shocking what's happened to cnn and msnbc. go ahead. >> yeah, the cnn thing is interesting to me. you know, once upon a time we basically wanted our plain vanilla down the news.
8:40 pm
that's why walter cronkite was as popular as he was. some place along the line we became what i call the united states of entertainment. and in that country the united states of entertainment, we didn't just want news. we wanted news with an attitude, with pizzazz. we wanted news with opinion. that is why fox is so popular and cnn is not popular. that's not a shot at cnn. bill: it's the reality of the situation. >> don't have the pizzazz that people demand these days. bill: i want to go on the record saying i hate those opinion guys. i don't think they should be around. i'm with the 42% that want them off the air. but, look, the reality of the situation is this stbl there has been a shift of viewing and we discussed it before. it is now evident that whoever has he the liveliest presentation no, matter what their ideology is is going to win. you know what i say? there is nothing wrong with that, bernie.
8:41 pm
there is nothing wrong with it as long as it's done responsibly. >> yeah. ok. i mean, in the united states of entertainment, in a culture that prizes entertainment values as much as it does, that's what's goings to win. and i agree with you, there is nothing wrong with that few it responsibly. but what happens when you, on the right, when you attack obama every time your lips are moving you attack obama. bill: that's what we discuss with human. and you hate bush every time on the left. that's what we discuss with brit hume and a little bit with juan and mary katharine. i'm not sure that that means anything anymore. i'm not sure it means anything. because it's preaching to the choir, bernie. so, are you changing -- does rush limbaugh change anybody's minds? i don't know. i don't know if he does or not. >> that's a very good point. and i would tend to think he does not.
8:42 pm
that's not to take anything away from the power of his numbers. bill: makes people feel good that believe the way he does. he is very persuasive. >> we have become a polarized -- very polarized nation. more so today than even nine years ago at the beginning of the decade. george bush was a very polarizing figure, but barack obama is a very polarizing figure. the war in iraq is a very polarizing event. we have become poll warrized and people want to go to safe havens, what do they do in the republicans and conservatives go to fox by and large. the liberals and the democrats go to msnbc and the broadcast -- bill: let me challenge that for a minute. look, if you have 36% of fox viewers democrat and, by the way, those 36% because of the vast numbers of our audience, that's more than watch cnn and msnbc combined.
8:43 pm
so more democrats watch fox than the other two combined. that's why it is so insane for the democratic party to say hey, we're not going to go on fox. hey, have you got 36% on your side and then persuadables in the middle about 20% 25%. >> that's why the war on fox is bad strategy. bill: stupid. >> bad politics, bad everything. that's why i said by and large. i understand there are nuances here. by and large people want safe havens. people on the right pick fox. by and large people on the left pick the broadcast networks in msnbc. i will tell you what else has contributed to this polarization. cable news itself. if the man from mars came down and watched cable news, not every show but most cable shows, many cable shows, what do you see? you see black or white. you see red state or blue state. you see very little nuances. and after -- and producers by the way give you a little inside baseball for the civilians at
8:44 pm
home. producers don't want you on the show if you say well, on the other hand this but on the other hand that. bill: no. take a stand. they want you to take a stand. >> and they want this opinion and that opinion and then they want people to go at each other. but you know what? that creates a phony reality because most americans aren't ideological. most americans are watching csi miami. bill: i think vibrant debate and strong opinion has always been present in america and necessary for our democracy. i say let the best man win. my interview like w. barack obama was like a prize fight. i threw him my best. he threw his best to me. it was respectful. it covered all kinds of areas. and then at the end people could say hey, here is what i think. that's healthy and that's what we need. >> i'm not against strong debate. what i'm say something if we're wondering why we have become so polarized. listen, maybe you could say being polarize sad good thing. bill: no, i don't like it. >> if you are wondering why we have become polarized it's
8:45 pm
because after you watch cable for a while you start to think that's how it is in the real world and that's how it is in the television world. in the real world there is more nuances. there is more gray. bill: if they could take the personal attacks out of it and mean-spiritedness out of it which i think we have accomplished on the factor. once in a while we make a mistake. you are not mean-spirited and hume isn't and juan and mary katharine aren't. i try to get people who make strong points and don't use personal attacks. this show is different from many others. bill: i know. >> i mean that in the best way. bill: that's why you are here, bernie. the reverend wright is back. brand new material. also that zany guy john gosselin says something outrageous coming up. 
8:46 pm
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8:48 pm
bill: back of the book segment tonight, relate check where we comb the world for the truth and nothing but the truth. check one. welcome back reverend wright, your dreams were your ticket out. speaking last september at a ceremony to honor a socialist magazine, the reverend said. this. >> i'm grateful for the opportunity to bring you a word of thanksgiving from those who don't ordinarily get a hearing unless they go along with the program sing sing in tune with whatever the popular tune and stay in lock step with the political pundits that tell us
8:49 pm
what is politically correct, what 's. permissible and what will be tolerated from a person of color in this land the land of the greed and the home of the brave -- excuse me, land of the greed and home of the slave. bill: same tune, different place. i know the obama people hate when we show you wright in any context it brings back memories. he did influence the president's life and that still has not been fully exhumed. last week fox news producer caught up in alan grayson. >> will you now apologize to vice president cheney for saying that blood drips from his teeth when he speaks? >> i think i just answered your question you are going to have to make -- you know the rules as well as i do and you are violating the rules. >> i'm with the press. i'm asking you a question. why won't you answer the questions? >> you need to make an appointment. bill: we are still trying to make appointment. grayson has sent out a letter saying fox news is stalking him.
8:50 pm
i sent him a nickel. check three, our pal barney frank went on msnbc air and stuff happened. >> finally we are saying to the federal regulators, you watch these people and you step in ♪ long before a.i.g. would have had a problem. that they had, the federal regulators will be stepping in and saying cut back on what have you. raise your capital. you have to cut back substantially. bill: nice tune on the cell phone by the way that call was from me. check four the white house has released a partial list of visitors up until the end of july. on that list, here is he far left guy george soros, four visits. andy stern head of the far-left seiu union, 22 visit. get a cot for andy. kim grande ahead of nau. 14 visits. watch the silverware. g.e. ceo jeffrey imette five visits. al gore four visits. jesse jackson six visits. keep the hope alive. al sharpton two visits.
8:51 pm
one attempt. oprah two visits not with al. george clooney just one visit. bill o'reilly and glenn beck no visits. and don't even think about it. check five, actor ed norton has produced a documentary on president obama and said. this what surprised me was just how normal they were. >> calm. if you remember in some election films like the war room, you peek around the corner and everybody is screaming at each other, you know, and they called him no drama obama, and in a weird way when you look behind the curtain with that team they are really zen, it's amazing. bill: check is really zen. if you don't believe that i will punch you. check six a bunch of mormon women causing controversy. they are featured in a calendar entitled hot mormon muffins, a taste of motherhood. they say they want to shake up
8:52 pm
mormon stereotypes. i believe they're being successful doing that. the 2010 calendar was designed to raise money for breast cancer research. nevertheless, some folks are upset but check is not. check 7, i believe we have found the scariest halloween costume ever worn by cbs anchorman harry smith. >> welcome to the -- we're making eggs this morning. [ laughter ] we have lots of beautiful eggs here. and, of course, delicious dish. and everyone will enjoy. sometimes we even put the egg shells in because it adds to the flavor and adds to the texture. it is so delicious. bill: smith went on vacation for four months. check dressed as shepard smith for halloween. nobody gave me candy. that is reality check. pinheads and patriots on deck tonight starring jon gosselin.
8:53 pm
right back with them. . .
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8:55 pm
bill: time now for "pinheads and patriots." as you know, we support the wounded warrior a project. we support the brave military people who have been hurt and their families, and governor christ is a patron.
8:56 pm
and this guy gosslin is a pinhead. listen to him talking about staying at home with the eight kids. >> it is hard for a man to stay at home and make meals and deal with a doctor's appointments and all of the stuff that you expect your wife to do. >bill: he is winding, and he is also a pinhead. and the the o'reilly factor store is now open for the holiday. $24.95 on gear or "bold fresh," if you spend that, we will send you this american patriot bag, so get them while we have them, and all of the money i get from goes to charity. everybody wins this holiday
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season. now, our letters. bill -- great tune by the eagles, bill. new jersey -- you know, i took no offense, and the ladies, they are ok. from naples, fla. -- i would say that whoopi goldberg did seemed a bit dour, halloween, not heard day. -- her day. to sell "bold fresh."
8:58 pm
that announcement will come on friday's "factor." it is a very interesting deal. well, if you read the first chapter, you will know, and then, you will finish the book, so go ahead and read it. from the university of california, davis -- broadcast journalism is a master's from boston university and another degree from harvard, but i think it is common sense that makes me successful. i hope dave is not a mooncalf.
8:59 pm
how about the website? and then, please email us with pithy comments from anywhere in the world. name and town common name and town, name and town, ladies and gentlemen, if you wish to opine. i once used the word imperious to describe hillary clinton. i could be wrong about that. she might not be in a curious, so you will have to look and up and decide for yourself -- she might not be imperious. that is it for us today. "the factor" continues online 24/7. you can get things for christmas and the holidays. i am bill o'reilly. we do hope to see you next time. remember, the spin stops here, because we are definitely looking out for you. looking out for you.


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